Treating tinnitus

There are a number of treatment options available for tinnitus. Each offers a different explanation for how it can be beneficial to someone suffering from tinnitus. It is not our intention to recommend a preferred method, as different treatment plans may be suitable for different cases of tinnitus. It is, however, important to consider your individual needs and expectations when selecting an appropriate treatment plan.

Individual Solutions

Each case of tinnitus is unique, special hearing aid for tinnitus provides individual solutions. Your hearing care professional can customize it in a way that will help relieve your own kind of tinnitus. We call this individualized sound therapy.

We strongly recommend that you contact a qualified hearing care professional who is experienced in tinnitus management.

Take the first step

If you think you have tinnitus – or know someone who does – the first step if to see a hearing care professional. Counseling and modern technology can help you.

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