Tips on using hearing aids

It takes a little practice to get used to wearing hearing aids, but you’ll soon discover using your hearing aids is natural and enjoyable.

Here are some tips on using hearing aids.

Speaking with others

Human speech is a complex sound, so you’ll need a little more practice to begin with. Start by using your hearing aids at home with someone whose voice you know well. 

Remember that communicating combines listening with concentration and visual clues. Pay attention to facial expressions and gestures, and you’ll understand more. 

Hearing aids, like ears, pick up sound best from the front. So, place yourself in front of people when they speak. If you know them well enough, ask them to speak in a normal tone and without covering their mouth with their hands.

Different environments

As you gain confidence, begin wearing your hearing aids in a wider variety of environments – like work or social occasions. Practice selecting specific sounds and voices and focusing attention on them. 

In public places such as a meeting hall, sit as close to the speaker as possible. In cafes or restaurants, try to sit with your back to the main source of noise – such as an open window or a sidewalk.

Radio and television

For best results, you’ll need to find the best distance between you and the television. 

With your new hearing aids on, sit between 6 and 12 feet away (around 2 to 4 meters) with the TV set to a normal level for others. Then adjust your distance to the TV and the volume to find your own comfortable level. 

Do the same for the radio. The closer you are and the less background noise there is, the better the sound you’ll get.


Sometimes your hearing aids will buzz or squeal while you are talking on the phone. If you only wear one hearing aid, try swapping the phone to the other ear. 




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