How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

There are a couple of unmistakeable signs that you can look out for.

Signs of hearing loss include:

  • Having to ask others to repeat themselves often.
  • Difficulty following conversations with background noise or in group situations.
  • Finding children’s and women’s voices difficult to hear.
  • When having a conversation amid background noise, you need to concentrate more than usual on what the other person is saying
  • Other people think that the volume on your television or your stereo is too loud.
  • People ask you to speak more softly on the phone

If such situations are familiar to you, you should have a hearing test to be on the safe side.

Will my hearing aids restore my hearing to normal, like my eyeglasses do for vision loss?

Hearing aids don’t result in completely normal hearing.  Even though they make sounds louder, the louder sounds are still sent to damaged hair cells in the cochlea.  Fitting a hearing instrument to a sensorineural hearing loss with damaged hair cells is like fitting eye glasses on someone with damage to the retina.  Fitting a conductive hearing loss, where hair cells are intact, is more like fitting glasses.  While damaged hair cells cannot be replaced, hearing instruments greatly improve your ability to hear and can dramatically increase your quality of life.

Can I try out hearing aids before I commit to buying them?

At  audiotone hearing aid center  we offer a trial period so you can try hearing aids out up to 30 days during which the instruments can be returned for a refund.  During this time, we can adjust the hearing instruments to provide optimal comfort and sound so you can experience what it is like to wear hearing aids everyday.

Is it difficult to adjust to wearing hearing aids?

Wearing hearing aids for the first time requires that you re-learn how to hear. Today’s hearing instruments are sophisticated and flexible.  They can be adjusted to almost any hearing loss or hearing environment.  Adjusting to hearing aids is different for everyone.  Talk to us  audiotone hearing aid centerabout any concerns that you have and be patient and persistent.

Will my ears feel sore after wearing my hearing aids all day?

When you begin wearing hearing aids, you can expect to experience some tenderness as you adjust to them sitting behind or in your ears.  If this soreness persists after a couple of weeks, talk to your hearing healthcare professional who will determine if your hearing instruments require further adjustments.

Will hearing aids make my tinnitus worse?

No.  Many people with tinnitus experience relief from wearing hearing aids.

How long will my batteries last?

Battery life depends on the length of time you wear your hearing aids, the size of your hearing aids, the type of circuit you have, and the size of battery you use.  Ask us about the estimated life for your particular batteries and refer to your hearing aid guide for additional information.

Why do my hearing aids whistle in my ears?

Referred to as feedback, whistling can be a result of your hearing instruments being inserted incorrectly or your volume being too high.  If adjustments to the fitting and volume do not correct the feedback, ask your hearing healthcare professional to check for wax, if your earmold tubings or earhooks require replacing, and the fit of your hearing instruments.

If I have a hearing loss in both ears, do I need to wear two hearing aids?

Hearing Healthcare Professionals usually recommend wearing two hearing aids for people who have hearing loss in both ears.  This is called a binaural fitting.  Two hearing instruments help to improve hearing in noise, localize sound, and improve clarity and sound quality.  Studies have shown that people are more satisfied with their hearing aids when they wear one in each ear.

How do I decide which style of hearing aid to purchase?

Your hearing healthcare professional will recommend a hearing instrument style based on the following factors:

  • your particular degree of hearing loss
  • the shape of your ear
  • any special features you require
  • your manual dexterity
  • your cosmetic preferences
  • your listening needs
  • your lifestyle considerations
  • your budget

How long do hearing aids last?

The life of your hearing instruments depends on the style, how often you wear them, the amount of earwax produced, etc.  On average, most hearing aids last four to five years before they require replacing.

Can hearing aids help me hear in background noise?

Digital hearing aids that offer directional microphones, combined with noise reduction, offer sophisticated ways of processing sound to reduce as much background noise as possible.  However, noise cannot be completely eliminated by any hearing instruments.

Can hearing aids cause a “lazy ear”?

No.  If you wear hearing aids, your ears will not become dependent on the instruments.  When you remove the hearing instruments, your hearing loss will be the same as before you inserted them.

Can a person have hearing problems even in their early years?

Of course.  Hearing problems are not necessarily a question of (old) age.  In general, it is true that hearing capability declines with age; the reason being deterioration of the hair cells in the inner ear.  But today, there are more and more young people whose hearing is not what it should be – it is often damaged through chronic noise in their job or through loud music.

Where should you turn if you have hearing problems?

If you notice that your hearing is not as good as it used to be, you should search for a specialist ear, nose and throat doctor.  He can determine the causes and degree of the hearing loss and prescribe a hearing system. You can of course also go to a hearing instrument specialist and do a free hearing test there.  The hearing instrument specialist can help you pick the hearing system most suited to you and match it to your individual requirements.

Do hearing problems disappear of their own accord?

Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. If the hearing problem appears after a short exposure to very loud noise, it might only be a temporary phenomenon and could disappear after a few days. Even after an acute hearing loss, it is possible that medical treatment can improve the situation. If however the problem is caused by age-related wear or chronic damage caused by long-lasting exposure to noise, the hearing capability can only be improved by the use of one or two hearing systems.

Won’t a hearing system make me older than I feel?

In the past, hearing instruments were big and appeared rather unattractive. Nowadays, modern hearing systems are almost invisible. For many women, the fashionably-designed mini computers are more an accessory than a “hearing aid” and men are fascinated by the sophisticated technology and their comfortable accessory. The rapid development in technology and design has meant that more and more people today can experience life to the full (both at work and in their free time) thanks to the most modern hearing systems.

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