AudioTone Hearing Aid Center has over 30 years of experience in providing high quality hearing aids in Indonesia. Our company is located in Jakarta and provides hearing aid in major cities in Indonesia.

Our main branch in Jakarta is equipped with all the necessities that enable “one stop shopping”. Existing facilities include soundproofed rooms, auditory room for children (free field test audiometric and Behavior test), laboratory and service center. The incorporation of the services we provide will make the audiometric examination, the selection of hearing aids, and the installation of hearing aids can be done in one visit and all handled by the hearing aid specialist.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. AudioTone Hearing Aid Center provides a selection of hearing aids for various purposes. From top-class products that use advanced technology to customers who want the difference up to simple products for customers who are more considering the price.

All sales of our products will be accompanied by quality services. We emphasize to build long-term relationships with our customers with quality service and professionalism. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, we are proud to assist our customers in getting better quality of life with better hearing ..

AudioTone Hearing Aid Center will always develop its image as one of the hearing aid providers in Indonesia. That’s why we will always provide the best service to our customers, offer products with the latest technology, expand our market and improve the quality of our human resources.